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 2012 Horse Show List                                                                               

1.Saratoga formely St Clements

2.Skidmore Classic

3.Lake Placid

4.Mass. Eq Finals

5.Western new england at Holyoke college

6.Asbury Classic


2011 Horse show

1.St. Clements

2.Skidmore Classic

3. Lake Placid

4.Hits  Saugerties Jr Finals

5. Marshall and Sterling Finals Saugerties

6. Mass Eq Finals


2010 Horse Shows

1.St Clements


3.Lake Placid

4.Marshal and Sterling Finals

5.Mass Eq Finals


2009 Horse Shows

1.  Hits Ocala

2. WEF  Wellington last 6 weeks

3. St. Clements and Skidmore


5.Hits Saugerties 3 weeks in May

6. Lexington Ky July and Aug

7. Hits Saugerties Aug & Sept

8. Kentucky Nationals

9.Marshall and Sterling finals

10.Pa Nationals 

11. Raleigh/Duke 

 2008 Horse Shows

1.WEF Wellington Fl all weeks

2.St Clements

3. Old Salem

4.Garden State


6. Country Heir

7. Skidmore

8. Lake Placid

9. Vermont

10. Lexington Ky may, jul, aug

11. Kentucky Nationals

12. Raleigh/Duke


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