Productions East Media

2012 Skating Events

1.Lake Placid ISI

2.Empire State Games Lake Placid

3.Philly Jr. Club

4.Colonial Adult

5.Nasoba Valley ISI

6.MIRMA District ISI at Great Neck

6a.  Great Neck ice show with Sara and Emily Hughes

7.The Rinx basic skills

8.Worester Open

9. Philly Areas

10 Saratoga

11. Colonial Open

12.  Lake Placid FS

13.North Shore Open

14Lake Placid Ice Dance

15. Saturday Night Ice Shows Lake Placid

16.The Rinx summer

17. Cranberry Open

18. Collegiate  at Cranberry

19. Albany

20. Holiday Show at Cranberry


2011 Skating

1.Glens Falls Ny

2. Lake Placid ISI

3.Empire State Games

4.Garren Invite

5.Philly Jr Club

6.Colonial adult

7.Great Neck ISI may

8.Worester Open

9.Nasoba Valley ISI

10.Colonial Basic Skills

11.Colonial Open

12. Lake Placid FS

13. Norwich Ct ISI districts

14Philly basic skills

15. Lake Placid Sat Night Ice Shows  summer

16.Lake Placid  Ice Dance

17. Philly Challenge Cup

18.Great Neck ISI december

19. Holiday Dreams on Ice w/ Johnny Weir


2010 Skating

1.Lake Placid ISI

2.Empire State games

3. Philly Jr. Club

4.Colonial Adult

5. Mirma district3 ISI

6.Garren Invite

7. CRC alexandria Va

8.Nashua NH

9.Worester Open

10. Saratoga

11.Great Neck

12. Colonial Open

13.Lake Placid FS

14. North Shore Open

15. lake Placid Ice Dance

16. The Rinx

17. Philly Challenge Cup

18. The Rinx Christmas Show

2009 Skating

1.Lake Placid ISI

2.Empire State Games

3. Philly Jr Club

4.ISI winter classic Plano Tex

5.Garren Invit

6. Saratoga Ice Show & Comp

7. Freeport

8. Colonial Open


10. Lake Placid FS

11. Collegiate Philly

12.North Shore Open

13.Nutmeg Games

14. Skate Wilmington

15. Lake Placid Ice Dance

16.Chelsea Pier ISI

17. Philly Challenge Cup

18.Providence Open


20. Yonkers ISI


2008 Skating

1.Lake Placid ISI

2.Bay State Games

3. Empire State Games

4. US Nat Synchro Providence

5.ISI winter classic

6. Wollman Open

7.CRC alexandria Va

8.Iceworks Dance

9.Saratoga Ice Show

10.Saratoga comp

11.ISI Synchro  St. Louis


13. Philly Jr club


15. Colonial Open

16. Summer Ch Marlboro

17.Worester Open

18. Lake Placid FS

19. District 1 Boxborough

20.Skate Wilmington

21. Liberty

22.North Shore Open

23.The Rinx

24.Hershey Open

25.Providence Open

26.Boston Open

27.Mid Atlantics

28.ISI adults

29. S. Atlantics non qual

30.Halloween Classic @ Iceworks


32. Autumn Skate


34. ISI Artistic Burbank Ca


2007 Skating

1.Lake Placid ISI

2.Colonial Synchro

3.Empire State Games

4.Bay State Games

5.Philly Jr Club

6.Princeton Open

7.ISI winter classic

8. Eastern Adults

9. Cherry Blossom

10. Mirma district 3


12. Saratoga

13. worester Open

14.Colonial Open

15.Florida State Games

16.May Day



19. Skate Wilmington

20. Lake Placid Ice Dance

21.ISI Worlds Chicago

22. Chelsea Pier ISI

23. Skate Hickory

24. North shore Open

25.Lake Placid FS

26. NJ Council

27. ISI adults vegas

28.Mid Atlantics

29. Halloween @ Iceworks

30. Albany

31. South Atlantics York Pa

32.Easterns Raleigh

33. Cantiaque

34.Autumn Skate

35.ISI Artistic Bridgeport




2006 Skating 

1.Lake Placid ISI

2.Lake Placid Synchro

3.Eastern Synchro Atlanta

4. Keystone Games

5.Colonial Synchro

6. Bay State Games

7.NEIC Northstar

8.CRC  Maryland

9. Philly Jr Club

10.ISI winter classic Detroit


12.Cherry Blossom

13.Ice Chips

14.Florida State Games

15.Marlboro Open

16.May Day

17. Cantiaque


19.Fairfax Va

20.Great Neck

21. Chesea Pier ISI


23. Skate Wilmington

24.Charter Oak


26.Lake Placid Ice Dance

27. ISI Worlds Marlboro

28. ISI adults Nashville

29. Mid atlantics

30Providence Open

31. Worester Open

32. Boston Open

33. Philly Ch Cup

34.New Englands Marlboro

35.S. Atlantics @ Iceworks

36.Halloween @Iceworks

37.NEIC @ Haverhill

38.ISI Artistic @ Denver


40. Autumn Skate


42.Harvest @ Fredrick Mary


44. ISI @ Detroit 


2005 Skating

1.Lake Placid ISI

2.NEIC  Walpole

3.Lee Ann Miele Synchro

4.HaverHill BS

5.Cicero NY

6.Philly Jr Club

7.CRC Bowie Mary

8.Princeton Open


10. Mirma district 3


12.Cherry Blossom

13.Colonial Open

14. Worester Open

15.Marlboro Summer Ch

16. May Day


18. Fl State Games

19. Atlanta Open

20.Garden State Games

21.Chelsea Pier ISI

22. North Shore

23. Pro/Am Dance @ Asburn

24.Lake Placid FS

25. Skate Wilmington


27. Charter Oak

28.Lake Placid Ice Dance

29. ISI adults vegas

30. Providence Open

31.Boston Open

32. Philly Ch Cup

33.New Englands @ Exeter

34. S. Atlantics  Tampa

35.N. Atl Lake Placid

36.Easterns  Bethlehem Pa

37 . Autumn Skate



40. Cape Cod Synchro

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